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I was invited to be DZone Most Valuable Blogger so you might see my posts republished in DZone. First one was published today: Bacon.js for Functional Reactive Programming

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Python Tutorial – Dictionaries

In my previous blog post I talked about basics of Python. Now it’s time to discuss about one of the native datatypes of Python progamming language: Dictionaries. Python Dictionaries Dictionary is like Hashtable┬áin Java: It’s constructed of keys and values … Continue reading

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Bacon.js IE8 indexOf bug fixed

Noticed today at office that Bacon.js was using indexOf method which is not supported by IE8. Well. Couple of hours later it’s fixed. Booyah!

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Bacon.js – Bus

Bacon.js bus is an excellent way to publish and subscribe to event streams through one unified channel. Bus helps a developer to decouple application and makes code much cleaner. Bacon.js Bus example This example outputs status of each validator to … Continue reading

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Perfect Software

Opening ceremonies of Perfect Software.

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