Windows Phone 8 Development, Dark Side

winablipI’ve always been fascinated by mobile development. I’ve been trying out Android and iOS but my interest run out to the fact that almost every software is already written. This is where Windows Phone 8 Development comes into picture. There is lot of room for new applications – free and paid. Though you might not become a millionaire, you will be almost certainly be the first.

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DZone Cloud Provider Research Published

DZone just published research paper on Cloud Providers. It’ definite guide to different levels of Cloud Computing and Service Providers. Guide can be downloaded from:

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Python Tutorial – List Comprehensions

PythonThis Python Tutorial post will introduce a very cool technique for Object Oriented guy like me: List Comprehensions. It provides way to create new lists while doing some operations to elements in the list.

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big-mvbbuttonI was invited to be DZone Most Valuable Blogger so you might see my posts republished in DZone. First one was published today:

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Python Tutorial – Lists

PythonThis Python tutorial is about Lists Рa workhorse of Python. Lists are like ArrayList in Java, it can hold any type of element and expands dynamically when needed.

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